freelance brand copywriter and content strategist

Looking for intelligent, effective copy that will get your audience interacting? Do you have a digital concept that needs fleshing out, or a pile of web content that needs organising?

Whether you’re looking for a wordsmith to make your copy content sing and sell, or an experienced content strategist to help ensure that your digital project and content plan is lean, meaningful and fit for purpose, you’ve arrived at the right place.


digital brand copywriter and content strategist since 1995
worked with leading UK agencies, web start ups and small businesses
loads of big brand experience
wide variety of sectors and audiences


highly organised, reliable and quick
work well with creative, technical, and client teams, and direct clients
take on content projects large and small
work in-house or from my Brighton home office


digital copywriting, incl. creative, long, technical, SEO and social media
content strategy
web editing
style and editorial guides

So if you’re looking for quirky creative copy, wish to communicate complex technical ideas as simply as possible, have a digital concept that needs unpacking and recombobulating, or are simply looking for somebody to put the finishing touches to your words, contact me online or give me a call at my Brighton home office on 01273 385129.